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Environmental Systems

These are the systems that keep your home comfortable. 


They cool it when it is too warm outside.  They heat it when it is cold outside.  They ensure that you have good air quality, proper moisture levels, and an adequate supply of hot water for your domestic needs.  When they operate properly, you don’t think about them.  When they operate poorly, they are all you will think about!  If they fail to operate during the heating or cooling seasons your home will be very uncomfortable and can even suffer significant damage.  They are also the biggest operating cost for your home after paying rent or a mortgage.

Vigor uses very efficient systems for heating and cooling.  Hot water radiant heating systems are ultra efficient, quiet, don’t cause air movement and don’t provide easy paths for sound to move between rooms.  The boiler for a hot water radiant heating system will also supply on-demand domestic hot water in the most efficient way possible.

In floor radiant heating

Ductless and ducted heat pumps can cool in the summer and provide heat in the cooler months.  High efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilators or ERVs will keep the air in your home fresh while also minimizing the amount of heat loss in the winter and heat and moisture gain in the summer.  Where heating and cooling are done with a heat pump, domestic hot water is supplied by a tankless, on-demand water heater.

All these systems are highly reliable, very efficient and ensure that the occupants of a unit are comfortable year-round. 

One boiler provides radiant heating and domestic hot water supply to the whole unit.
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