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Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is the process of separating (also known as decoupling) assembly materials to stop the transfer of sound energy from one environment into another. 

This means that you don’t hear your neighbour walking across the floor above you and you don’t hear music coming up from the unit below you.  It is the most important design consideration when planning a multi-unit residential building where you want your tenants to be comfortable, and it is often ignored completely or done so poorly that it is ineffective.  When it is done properly, tenants don’t think about their neighbours because they never hear them.  When is not done properly, even great neighbours will disturb each other.

Sound isolation clips and furring channels installed with insulation above them.  Ready for drywall and damping compound.

One of the driving reasons behind the creation of Vigor Developments is the lack of awareness amongst small multi-unit builders about the importance of proper sound isolation design and construction techniques.  Vigor’s design and construction methods ensure that sound stays where it is created and doesn’t impact your quality of life or your neighbour’s.

Roxul insulation between rooms to help improve sound isolation.
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