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Get to Know Us

We focus on a high quality of life experience for tenants and deliver buildings that exceed the minimum standards required by the Ontario Building Code, are well priced for the owners, and keep the total cost of ownership low over the life of the buildings.


  • Owners and operators of investment properties

  • Designers of purpose-built investment properties

  • General contractors

  • Professional Engineer

  • Interior designer

  • Project managers (Aerospace, IT, Construction)

  • Our Team is highly educated and works to very high standards (Medicine, IT, Space)


Our Principles

  • Purpose built for investors

  • Far exceeds Ontario Building Code requirements

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Durable finishes

  • Efficient and reliable systems

  • Attract and retain high quality tenants

  • We bring innovative ideas to our work

  • We are adaptable and willing to implement your innovative ideas in your project

Our Team

Van Sheppard P. Eng.


Maria Sheppard


Igor picture.jpg
Igor Kraizgur


Join Our Team

VIGOR’s Mission is to build high quality investment properties that provide exceptional return on investment for our clients.  We do this by ensuring that we have great people who are passionate about what they do and bring a smile and a “can do” attitude to work with them every day.  They do everything to the best of their ability, and they are lifelong learners with a growth mindset. 

If you would like to join a team of bright, friendly, and motivated people that are building a business at the same time that they are constructing buildings, please get in touch with us.

Join Our Team
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