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Woodroffe Avenue

The Vigor crew has been working hard to renovate the existing house on a property that has been divided into four parcels. The current house was built in 1980 and had never been updated, so our team removed all the walls in the basement and main floor and completely redesigned and refinished the house. We have also significantly enlarged the kitchen, added an office, a bedroom in the basement and a new laundry room. Additionally, we connected the house to the City Water and Sewer to replace the old well and septic system. The renovated house and divided lots are expected to be available in the market by early 2024.

Start Date  May 2023

Finish Date: March 2024


Construction  Type: Wood frame 2-storey building with fully finished basement


Number of Units: 1


Total Built Area (ft2): 3000


Value at Completion: $1,500,000.00Start


Date: May 2023

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